Two teenagers were seriously injured Thursday morning after a high-speed chase ended in a major crash in west Harris County.

Precinct Five Deputy Constables said those teens sped past an on-duty officer going upwards of 100 miles per hour on the Katy Freeway feeder road.

Precinct Five Assistant Chief John Laine said the car also had its lights off, and when the deputy constable attempted to stop the car, the driver refused.

"He hit a curb and started cartwheeling through the air," said Asst. Chief Laine.  "The vehicle hit [a] bridge about 12 feet up in the air.  It came down to rest on the ground."

The crash happened near Highway 6, under the Katy Freeway.

Crash scene investigators said the car was reported stolen and the victim's wallet and identification were found inside the wrecked car.

Meanwhile, emergency crews pulled the teens from the vehicle and rushed them to a nearby hospital; they are expected to survive.

"I'm very thankful these felony suspects did not hit and injure some innocent civilian driving home through this busy intersection," Asst. Chief Laine said.  "We're very fortunate."

Charges in this case are still pending, and the names of those involved haven't been released.