State investigators say there have been dozens of complaints against Matchmaker and other dating services associated with Javier or Harvey Luna.

Luna has operated dating services in Harris and Jefferson County areas under various names.

Luna and several entities including Matchmaker, Sagejax Incorporated and Monterrey Financial services are accused of misleading customers about the nature of their dating services and violating state debt collection laws.

According to documents filed by the state, the defendants charged between $3,000 and $10,000 for their services.

Individuals who decided not to join the service and pay the fee were told they had to pay a termination fee or face debt collection action by defendant, Monterrey Financial.

Customers complained they were verbally and physically intimidated into membership agreements, and when they wanted out they were threatened with financial ruin.

State records show Luna is listed as an officer, director or member of Together Dating, Two of Us, Matchmaker and Sagejax Inc.

If you have had contract issues with any of these dating services, contact the Attorney General's office.