A father says he was pistol-whipped and abducted by two gunmen who forced him to withdraw cash from his bank account at an ATM.

Houston police said the incident occurred in the father's garage in the 12700 block of Boheme in southwest Houston after he dropped his daughter off at high school.

The father said one of the men had a pistol and the other man had a rifle. He said they were both young and appeared to be nervous.

However, the two gunmen were also violent, allegedly pistol-whipping the father and warning him not to make any noise.

The gunmen forced the father to drive about a block from his home to the Whitney bank on Memorial and used his debit card to withdraw cash from the ATM, investigators said.

After that, the father said he wasn't sure what was going to happen. He told the gunman in the car with him that he was going to leave everything in the hands of God, officials said.

Surprisingly, the gunman agreed with him, got out of the car, got into the truck with his accomplice and left.

The father didn't get a good description of the gunmen and he didn't want to appear on camera because he's afraid they might come back.

Police are trying to determine if the two men were involved in a shooting that sent another man to the hospital about an hour earlier not far from where the incident took place.