Cypress-Fairbanks ISD confirms it is investigating skin infections reported by football players in the district. 

The district told Local 2, "Several varsity football players have been reported to have contracted skin infections. As a result, we are investigating the origin of the infections and CFISD is also initiating infection control guidelines. This includes the custodial staff disinfecting all locker rooms and athletic areas, as well as Pridgeon and Berry Center facilities. Additionally, all issued equipment is being cleaned and sterilized, and the A/C units in athletic areas will be kept on through the weekend to help prevent humid conditions. Our number one priority is the safety and health of our students. We will continue to monitor the situation and provide information as it is available."

The parent of one student said several football players contracted herpes gladitorium. The school district is not confirming this. 

"It's transmitted by direct skin to skin contact," said Harris County's Chief of Disease Control & Medical Epidemiology, Dr. Carolyn Fruthaler. 

Fruthaler said herpes gladitorium is a viral illness that can be spread by skin to skin contact, like a cold sore, and can be easily prevented. After exercise they should shower with soap and water."

Experts say herpes gladitorium is a different strain than the HSV-2 strain spread by sexual contact.