Julie Kuzin said her sister is on the Carnival Triumph.

"They've been told they can't offload the ship to other ships because of conditions out in the water," Kuzin said. "I called Carnival to find out about that and they just said they don't have ships available to do that. That's not part of their plan."

Robert Giordano, of the Oklahoma City suburb of Edmond, said he last spoke to his wife, Shannon, on Monday. She told him she waited in line for three hours to get a hot dog, and that conditions on the ship were terrible.

"They're having to urinate in the shower. They've been passed out plastic bags to go to the bathroom," Giordano said. "There was fecal matter all over the floor."

Even more distressing, Giordano said, has been the lack of information he has been able to get from Carnival, a complaint shared by Vivian Tilley, of San Diego, whose sister is also on the vessel.

Brent Nutt said he heard similar complaints from his wife who is on board.

"It smells and there is water all over the floor," Nutt said. "Water is seeping out of the walls. There's feces on the floor."

Tracie Wilburn said her mother is on the cruise with six other family members, celebrating her 69th birthday.

"I am concerned she is not comfortable," Wilburn said. "But at least with having family members, hopefully they are keeping each other cheered up somewhat."

Passengers to receive refunds, credit for future cruise

Carnival said all of the passengers will receive a full refund for the cruise, along with transportation expenses. They'll also be reimbursed for all purchases aboard the ship, except for gift shop and casino charges. They will also received a future cruise credit equal to the amount paid for this voyage.

On Wednesday, Carnival officials said all passengers will also get $500 compensation.

"We know it has been a longer journey back than we anticipated at the beginning of the week under very challenging circumstances," Cahill said. "We are very sorry for what our guests have had to endure. Therefore, in addition to the full refund and future cruise credit already offered, we have decided to provide this additional compensation." 

Guests booked on the cancelled voyages will receive a full refund, reimbursement for non-refundable travel expenses and a 25 percent discount on a future three- or five-day cruise or a 15 percent discount on a six- to-seven day cruise.

Carnival Triumph operates four- and five-day cruises from Galveston, Texas.

Concerned family and loved ones of guests and crew may call 888-290-5095 or 305-406-5534.