A Houston woman trying to take advantage of the seller's market in the Houston Heights neighborhood, fell victim to a crime last weekend during an open house at her home.

"It was just not even remotely on my radar," Tracy Hodge said.

Hodge's realtor hosted the busy event at her Herkimer Street home. But among the typical foot traffic of interested buyers, there was an unidentified young couple.

"I told my realtor some of our prescriptions were missing, and he immediately knew who it was," Hodge said.

Two medications were stolen, including Ambien. Hodge went out of her way, she said to hide and remove her valuables, but did not think about the need for securing her prescriptions.

"We don't have any similar reports.” Alan Rosen, Harris County Precinct 1 Constable said. “But drugs, medications should be on the list of things to secure.”

Rosen said a realtor or a chaperone should accompany people during an open house, if possible.

"It does bother me, not sure if we'll have another open house at this point," Hodge said.

The couple suspected of stealing the drugs, a man a woman in their 20s, did not sign the guest register at the house, and remain unidentified.