Crime Stoppers of Houston is finding ways to educate the public about crime prevention in the city.

Crime Stoppers announced Wednesday that Jeff McShan will serve as a special correspondent and spokesperson for the organization.

McShan, the full-time Public Information Officer for the Harris County District Attorney's Office, spent 26 years as a television reporter in Houston. In addition to his role at the district attorney's office, McShan will contribute in depth reports on unsolved cases, ongoing criminal activity, trends in public safety and highlights of Crime Stoppers' ongoing community programming. McShan's work with Crime Stoppers will take place during nights and weekends outside of his daily responsibilities.

"Jeff's involvement with Crime Stoppers is pivotal in our continuing efforts to bring quality programming and information to the Houston community," stated Rania Mankarious, executive director of Crime Stoppers. "We are lucky to have the support and commitment of one of Houston's finest journalists and commentators."

In addition to McShan's new role, Harris County District Attorney Deven Anderson is bringing awareness to battling crime and public safety through her monthly Crime Stoppers blog.

The blog, which started in January, offers insight into crime and public safety in Houston. In the first two blog entries Anderson has written about human trafficking and teen dating/relationship violence.

The district attorney's office says the blog posts help shed light on the kinds of cases prosecutors are working on, as well as providing crime prevention tips.

“Our office is made up of an extremely talented team of 600 employees. The public may not realize the different cases that we prosecute and the various crime prevention initiatives that have been put in place," said Anderson. "Through this blog, the public can see what our office is doing to make our communities safer. I would like to thank Crime Stoppers for giving us a forum for educating citizens."

Click here to view the Crime Stoppers blog.