LIBERTY, Texas -

Liberty police said a pair of thieves posed as city employees to get inside an elderly couple's home to steal from them.

Investigators said it happened in the 600 block of Milam in downtown Liberty.

Police said a woman knocked on the couple's door, posing as a city water department employee. The woman told the couple she needed to take water samples from their kitchen.

Investigators said the homeowners let the woman into their home, and while that suspect kept the couple distracted in the kitchen, a male accomplice slipped in the door to steal from other rooms in the house.

"Once they left the homeowners found that somebody had went through the house and taken jewelry and furs in the amount of about $24,000," said Lt. Chip Fairchild.

Investigators said the same suspects may also be knocking on doors, pretending to be carpet cleaners and tree trimmers.

One resident said it happened to her family.

"A woman was saying that she was supposed to clean carpets and they came to my parents house, and of course they don't have carpet so they didn't let them in," said the neighbor.

Detectives said the man and woman and their white Chevy Malibu seemed to match complaints across multiple jurisdictions, including nearby Chambers and Harris counties.

"It infuriates me. You don't know the depths that people will go to to take advantage of someone else," said resident Cecilia Longoria.

Longoria said because of the recent incidents she will be more vigilant and encourage her neighbors to do so as well.

Police are urging residents to be extremely cautious when any strangers come to their door. Liberty investigators said usually city workers wear uniforms, which are blue, while on duty.

Detectives said typically city workers will not ask to come inside your home. Police said residents should ask the strangers for photo identification that shows they are city employees.

If residents are still concerned or suspicious, investigators said they can call Liberty police at 936-336-5666 or Liberty City Hall at 936-336-3684.