A couple who lives in the Rice Military area says they were walking home just after midnight on Sunday when they were attacked at gunpoint .

It happened to Robert Reynolds and his wife Rebeca.

Security cameras posted in front of a home near Roy and Rose streets in the Rice Military area shows the couple walking and then a brown Cadillac sedan pulls up. Houston police say seconds later a masked man got out of the passenger seat and pointed the gun directly at the couple.

The couple screamed, ran away and that was enough to scare the man who jumped back in the car and took off.

Residents say crime is on the rise in this area but HPD crime stats paint a different picture.

From January to July 2013, HPD says there were 32 robberies in the area.

Then during the same time this year, there have been only 11, a decrease of nearly 65 percent.

Residents still say they are worried, especially because no one has been arrested from the attempted robbery of the weekend.

The couple involved was very shaken up but not hurt.

Police say they don't have a good description of the suspect because his face was covered the entire time.