Lots of candidates want your vote in the Texas Primary on Tuesday, but there is one politician who is not running for office but is showing up in a lot of ads. 

"I think President Obama and Washington ought to move down to Texas," said one television advertisement.

Another promised, "I'll never stop fighting Obama's attacks on Texas."

The experts said it's all by design by Republican candidates targeting voters.

"These candidates and their consultants know their target audience and their target audience doesn't like President Obama and it's very concerned about security along the U.S.-Mexico border," said Mark Jones, a professor at Rice University and the chair of the department of political science.

Jones said you will not hear education or budgets mentioned.  Instead the ads target about 1.5 million Republicans who will vote in the primary.

"Republican primary voters, while they care about those issues, are not excited by those issues and these candidates feel that if they are going to convince people to vote for them in Republican primaries, they need to hit the hot-button issues," Jones told Local 2.

One candidate for state office promised to secure the border.

"I think the federal government has clearly dropped the ball on this issue," said Harris County Republican chairman Jared Woodfill. "So now the state legislators, folks running for state office are saying look, it is a federal responsibility that has become a Texas issue."

Some younger voters say they want a lot more information before voting.

"We want to find candidates that are actually out there that are solutions-oriented and have conservative solutions for the problems we face," said Kyle Coplen of the Houston Young Republicans.

The Texas General Election is Tuesday, Nov. 4.