Residents in Galveston are preparing for a cold front that's expected to bring in strong winds on Tuesday.

Just before sundown on Monday, Galveston beach patrol workers were seen taking down the green flags.

On Tuesday, beach goers will likely see a different color going up, because a day at the beach won't be nearly as nice as it's been.

A cold front and strong winds are headed this way.

"A cold front is going to be coming through in the morning," said National Weather Service meteorologist Paul Lewis. "We're expecting gale force wind warnings of about 35 knots by mid-day."

That's about 40 miles per hour, which is a significant wind strength.

"I'm going to batten down the hatches and ride it out," said Galveston resident Sharon Sabatelli.

Some residents who live in the island said they're concerned about the strong winds bringing power lines down, but it's nothing they're not prepared for.

"We occasionally have some power outages," said George Christi. "But most everyone is used to that because of hurricane preparedness. They have generators, everybody's got water and all that kind of business. So, 10 to 12 hours or so without power is no big deal."