Collective bargaining negotiations between the city and Houston Fire Department have stalled.

The Houston Professional Fire Fighters Association (Local 341) had bee negotiating for a new, long-term contract. The city proposed a short-term contract that would end during the next mayoral election.

The city could not provide additional details about its proposal to Local 341 and was unable to commit to a longer deal.

“Without details, we can’t consider this a serious offer,” Local 341 President Bryan Sky-Eagle said.  “The oral wage proposal submitted is not in line with what we had previously discussed.  It’s just another move by the City that frankly isn’t well thought out. How could our members truly consider a proposal that isn't in writing and would have us negotiating our next contract during the next mayoral race?"

“Because this is Mayor (Annise) Parker’s last term, she would have no incentive to continue to work with us,” Sky-Eagle continued. “I have been told on more than one occasion that she does not want to burden the next Mayor with any ongoing financial situation.  While I respect that thought, both parties agree the firefighters are underpaid, and I do not consider getting these hard working public servants a fair wage to be a burden for the mayor.”

Local 341 and the city have no plans to continue negotiations after 84.7 percent of union members were in favor of the impasse.