Mayor Annise Parker appears to be the second highest-paid mayor in the United States after a recent 11.75 percent raise, according to a Local 2 review of U.S. mayor salaries.

Parker’s salary of $234,965 annually is dwarfed by what the city attorney earns after Parker granted David Feldman a 43.33 percent raise in January.

Feldman now makes $350,000 annually, more than any other city attorney in the country, at least that Local 2 could find.

What Parker and Feldman earn are under the microscope this week because the city does not appear to have enough money available to consistently keep all of its ambulances staffed and responding to calls.

In January, the city’s fiscal manager, city controller Ronald Green, warned the mayor about  Feldman’s raise.

“There is no precedent for an increase of this magnitude, the figure is above the pay grade maximum,” Green wrote.

“What I decide to pay my staff has nothing to do with whether or not we have ambulances on the street,” Parker said Wednesday.

Parker has demanded what she calls “budget integrity” from each of the city’s departments.

The mayor has said she wants the fire department to make up a $8.5 million shortfall by making internal adjustments, not by taking money from other programs, departments, and coffers.