A gas station owner is fed up after thieves targeted his store for the fourth time in less than a year.

Security cameras show a man lifting the metal blinds outside to peek in and check out the store. Minutes later, he does it again then and breaks out the door glass. He comes back again to make a larger opening, then a few minutes later he and an accomplice go in with a garbage can to carry away the loot.

In the video, the suspects stay low to the ground, crawling along the floor to avoid setting off motion detectors. They were trying to get cigarettes, which were locked up behind the counter, protected by a plexiglass partition.

One of them tried to break through by going through the ceiling to get over the partition. That didn't work, and in the process, he set off the burglar alarm.

The burglars began to scramble. They quickly broke open the door and filled the garbage can with cigarettes, then dragged it back through the broken entrance door.

This was the fourth burglary at the store. There were two in April, and a third in May.

The store owner told Local 2 he thinks Pasadena police should have done more to catch the burglars the last time they struck.

Police spokesman Vance Mitchell says it's not that simple.

"A lot of times you don't see everything that is going on and we can't show all of our cards. But it is an ongoing investigation; we are actively following up on things still," said Mitchell.