A thief with expensive taste sets his eyes on some high-priced eyewear at a local optometrist's office. But what he probably didn't see coming: there was a surveillance camera pointed right at him.

It was just after 9 a.m. when a man wearing jeans, a black hooded sweatshirt and ski cap, walked into the Vision Optique store in the 5100 block of Buffalo Speedway.  He grabbed two very expensive pairs of sunglasses from a shelf and ran out the front door. 

He got into a white SUV that had been waiting for him in the parking lot and was gone within a matter of seconds.

"I was in the back office when it happened but heard all the screaming and commotion and came running out," said Kelly Williams, the store's manager.  "He has very expensive taste for a criminal."

Williams told Local 2 the glasses were Chanel and totaled almost $1,300.

"One pair was $709 and $559 for the other," she said.

The thief may may have come into the store and cased the place before Thursday because Williams said he knew exactly what he was looking for and the entire crime took less than three seconds.

"We'll be reviewing surveillance footage prior to that to see if we can get some better images," said Williams. 

The suspect can be seen on the surveillance video jumping into an older model, white GMC or Chevy SUV with the front bumper hanging down.  The vehicle sped off toward Buffalo Speedway. 

This is the third time in the last several years that Vision Optique has been targeted by crooks and workers say it always happens around the holidays.