Police need your help tracking down the thieves who stole from a church in Montrose.

Canvas Church is portable, so everything it owns was in a trailer. But last Saturday, thieves stole the brand new trailer and equipment that was parked at an A-Alamo Mini Storage.

Pastor Chris Parrott said he’s disappointed, but his heart is already filled with forgiveness for whoever stole from his church.

When Parrott went to pick up the trailer for Sunday’s services, he said everything, including about 80 chairs and things for the children’s ministry, was missing.

Pastor Parrott said the trailer and everything inside was valued at about $15,000.

Security cameras at the storage place captured video of a truck pulling up with a man driving and a woman in the passenger’s seat.

The man punched in the security cod to gain access to the property. The video showed a short time later the truck coming around to the church trailer. The man then got out of his truck, hooked up the trailer and then drove away with it.

"It would be helpful to get our items back,” said Parrott. “We're a small church, relatively new; we don't have a lot of financial resources."

Parrott said he said he did not recognize the man and does not know why anyone would target his church.

“We want to do good in the Montrose community, said Parrott. “That’s why we're there. We're there to bless that community."

The storage unit’s property management company released the following statement to Local 2:

A-Alamo condemns these unscrupulous acts. We are cooperating with HPD and our customer to assist in this unfortunate loss."