Home surveillance footage shows a thief stealing UPS packages from a Houston neighborhood.

Michael Scroggins, a motorcycle service man, ordered a bike part off E-Bay. When he checked the package's status online, it showed the box had been delivered but Scroggins could not find the package.

He checked his home surveillance system and noticed a red car driving down his street, Camphor Drive. The video showed a man parking in a driveway. Minutes later a UPS truck drives onto the street.

The UPS delivery man first takes a package to Scroggins' neighbor who is home to accept it. Next the UPS man leaves Scroggins' package on his front porch. The delivery man then leaves a third package at another neighbor's door.

When the UPS truck leaves, the red car comes back and parks at Scroggins' house. The footage shows the man getting out of the car and stealing Scroggins' package.

“This guy pulled into my driveway like he lived here and went onto my porch and took my package and left my house and went to my neighbors house,” said Scroggins.

The man then steals the neighbor's box and leaves.

Hours later, the neighbor's package was found abandoned down the street, possibly dumped when the suspect read the label and realized it was a 50 pound box of wheat.

However, Scroggins box of motorcycle parts is still missing.

"I'm just shocked.  You know it's so bold.  I have to wait for another replacement to be shipped out and that's more time and it's costing me money," said Scroggins.

Scroggins filed a report with the Harris County Sheriff's Office. He also filed a complaint with UPS. UPS officials said they will work with the sheriff's office to investigate the incident.