CONROE, Texas -

As hundreds of boats zip around Lake Conroe, several Montgomery County constables aren't far behind.

At least six officers from Precinct One are dedicated to patrolling the lake and say holiday weekends are extremely busy.

"On holiday weekends, you add into the mix everybody that's 'holidaying', who's on vacation. With that you're going to get a wide range of people who know what they are doing and people who don't know what they are doing," said Lt. Tim Cade.

The constable’s office said on Lake Conroe, its officers can expect to make at least 200 or more safety checks.

Officers are checking for everything from boat registrations and fire extinguishers to verifying everyone on board has an appropriate life jacket.

The lake was packed on Monday.

Jennifer Brandt brought her family to the lake, she lives in Spring.
“We get the beer; get the kids ready with all their little snacks. You go out there and just have a really good time on the water, it's just a blast,” Brandt said.

There was at least one arrest out on the water over the weekend. Officers say a man who had too much to drink was on his boat and he had to be taken to jail.