A thief is on the run after targeting at least half a dozen businesses in the same southwest Houston strip center. Investigators say the crook was after cash and food.

Six businesses hit since Sunday have been hit in the strip center. It happened Sunday and again Wednesday night. Each time the burglar broke into adjoining stores and tunneled through walls to get what he wanted.

On Wednesday  night, someone broke into the Wicked Hair beauty shop by taking out a front window. The burglar then smashed a hole in the sheet rock wall and crawled into Mir Khan's insurance office. But he was just passing through.

"I don't even think he came to the front of the store. I think he just passed right through the backside," Khan told Local 2.

Khan estimated the damage caused was $5,000.

The burglar went through another wall to get to get into a third store -- a smoke shop where he stole cash from the day's sales, and a box full of "v-pens," a kind of electronic cigarette.

It may have been the same burglar who hit three stores at the other end of the shopping center on Sunday.

He went through a nail salon and tax office to get to Mr. Sub, a sandwich shop, where a security camera recorded him coming through the wall. He spent a lot of time searching the store and didn't find much except some change kept under the cash register.

So on the way out he loaded up snacks, stuffing about half a dozen bags of potato chips down his pants before heading out the way he came in.

Police are asking if you have any information in this case to call Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS. Remember, you never have to give your name and you could earn a nice cash reward.