Health officials in Brazos County have traced the source of an E. coli outbreak that got at least five people sick in April.

The youngest victim, Noah Melton, was released from Texas Children's Hospital Tuesday. His older brother, Jack, had previously been released.

An investigation by state and local health officials pinpointed the outbreak's origin to a three-day period in mid-April.

Officials believe the bacteria spread from beef at a Coco Loco Restaurant in College Station.

“I don't want to diminish the people who got sick, but things like this can be a lot worse and we could be dealing with a broader problem,” said Dr. Eric Wilke, the Brazos County Health Authority. “Fortunately, that wasn't the case.”

Wilke said the bacteria could have spread through cross-contamination or meat that wasn't cooked properly. He urged people to use caution when preparing raw meat, especially now that BBQ season is here.

Wilke said the county's health department will continue to monitor the restaurant. He ate a taco in front of reporters to demonstrate his confidence that what happened was an isolated event.

In all, health officials confirmed five cases connected to the outbreak. Five others were linked.