CROSBY, Texas -

A mother from Humble is speaking to Local 2 after her 1-year-old son almost drowned at a local marina and had to be airlifted to a Houston hospital.

Valeria De Leon is thankful for the two strangers who helped save his life.

“It's a miracle. God is big that my son is alive,” said De Leon.

On Saturday, a 6-year-old boy pulled Jeremiah Alvarez out of Love's Marina in Crosby.

K'Xavier McCullough spoke to Local 2 that night, saying he saw the baby in the water and pulled him to shore. Another man nearby performed CPR before emergency crews arrived and flew the child to Memorial Hermann in Houston.

“When they put him in the helicopter, they told me he was fighting for his life,” said De Leon.

De Leon said Alvarez fell into the water unnoticed as she was handing her 4-month-old son to his father. She said she saw a little boy pulling a baby out of the water but at first, didn't realize it was her son. She would now like to meet McCullough and the other man to personally thank them.

“They're strangers. But thanks to them, my son is alive,” said De Leon.

Alvarez is expected to be released from the hospital Tuesday.