Ever since being drafted to the Cleveland Browns, Johnny Manziel has been on his best behavior.

But a $25 million sexual harassment lawsuit filed on May 13 in Florida accuses the former Texas A&M standout of charges that not even Longhorns could believe.

Samantha Schacher, a Headline News host, is named as the plaintiff. She took to Twitter to dismiss the lawsuit.

"It's 100% a hoax people, the serial filer's name is Jonathan Lee Riches."

Whoever filed the lawsuit accused Manziel of pulling some ridiculous stunts.

"Manziel would Skype me before Texas A&M football games in 2013, smoking marijuana in college locker rooms," one claim says.

Another claim says Texas A&M provided gifts to Manziel to circumvent NCAA rules.
Other details are too graphic to share.

Manziel's agent defended his client via social media by saying: "This joke "lawsuit" is obviously 1000000% fake and/ or frivolous. Embarrassing I even have to say this after reading the nonsense."

Local 2 legal analyst Brian Wice says the accuser could face a counter suit, fine or prison time for the hoax.