The average wedding costs $30,000, and as weddings are getting more expensive, couples are turning to friends, relatives and even strangers to help pay for their big day.

Elizabeth and her fiance Otoniel are one couple using Go Fund Me, a crowd-funding website, to raise money for their wedding.  They already had to postpone the big day when Otoniel lost his job.

Thanks to the community they've raised more than $4,000. Their goal for the wedding is $10,000.

The donations are pouring in from family, friends and even anonymous donors.

Their dream wedding campaign is one of more than 1,500 wedding-related campaigns that have been launched on Go Fund Me since 2010.

And that's not all, thousands of people are using the site to raise money for everything from medical bills, to pageants and even funerals.

Etiquette experts agree the idea of asking people for money can lead to awkward situations.