WALLER, Texas -

Spa wraps, hair treatments, luxury pedicures, even a crystal lake can all be found at a luxurious spa, but it's not your typical spa.

"It's a wonderful place," said Sue Farren, a regular at the secluded Kickapoo Ranch in Waller. "We come out every Friday. Some days I need a mother's day out."

But the pampering isn't for her -- it's for her dog Taffy.

"I love to board her out here," said Farren. "She gets great care."

"I want to see dogs relax," said Mike Enmon, who co-owns the ranch with his wife Kari. "Happy, stress-free dogs."

"We do aromatherapy, lavender, chamomile -- it's soothing. We do body wraps and facials. We also do pawdicures; we soak their feet in Epsom salt," said Kari.

Other pet owners send their dogs to Kickapoo to stretch out.

"Houston is a busy town -- lots of traffic," Enmon said. "They like to have more time to spend with their pets, but they don't. Coming out here, these dogs have room, they have space they can run and they can romp."

The dogs get two hours of playtime during day camp. They go on nature walks around the property, and there's pond time.

"I don't think many places have a 5-acre lake, or even a pond the size we do," said Kari.

After a full day, dogs may retreat to a ranch room or a luxury suite that's complete with a deer-horn chandelier, flat screen TV and orthopedic bedding.

And don't forget the tuck-in service.

"We rub their tummies (and) give them a treat before bed," Kari said.

So how much does something like this cost?

  • A luxury suite: $60/day
  • Pampered pet sessions: $8
  • Tuck-ins: $9
  • Nature walks: $22
  • Pond time: $25

The ranch is so popular, it's already booked for Christmas.

"The owners that are looking for the best care, best experience for their dog, that's our client," said Enmon.

"It just looked to good to be true," said Farren. "What human wouldn't want to be our here? I haven't found a place where I can stay, but I'd like that too.