BAYTOWN, Texas -

A suspect with very specific taste broke into several pick-up trucks as victims worked out at a Baytown gym.

Baytown police said they responded to four Ford truck break-ins around 7:00 p.m. at the 24 Hour Fitness off Garth Road in Baytown.

Dennis Avant tried to take precautions with his Ford F150 truck when he went to 24 Hour Fitness, but it wasn't enough.

“In the evening, still daylight, I park in a heavily trafficked area on purpose so it's visible,” said Avant. “I had been at the gym for over an hour and a guy came in and asked if I was the one with the silver Ford.”  

Avant said his truck window had been smashed and the interior was scratched up causing several thousands dollars in damage.

Investigators said, in just minutes, the suspect broke into three Ford 150 trucks in the gym parking lot but took nothing.

“It was like they were looking for something that wasn't there,” said Lt. Eric Freed.

But Freed said an officer on the scene noticed a fourth truck, a Ford 350, with the wallet missing from the seat.

“With a few phone calls [the victim] was able to determine that his credit card had been used in the Houston area,” said Lt. Freed.

Avant said a month earlier, the same crime happened to his friend who owns a Ford F150. He said it happened in the same gym parking lot and the suspect racked up a thousands dollars on one of the victim's credit cards.

Investigators said the string of crimes in the gym parking lot with this very distinct target is unusual for Baytown.

“Maybe they've just been successful in getting into Ford product and that's the flavor that they like, so they keep going after that,” said Lt. Freed.

A manager at 24 Hour Fitness told Local 2 that the break-ins happened toward the back of the parking lot out of the view of gym surveillance cameras.