BAYTOWN, Texas -

A Baytown mother is recovering after being attacked by two pit bulls that she says were staying with one of her neighbors across the street.

Elizabeth Reisner said she walked outside to check her mailbox when she heard, then saw a female pit bull barking and growling at her in a ditch across the street. She says she was so startled that she barely had time to react before the dog made it across the street, was in the yard and was trying to bite her.

Then a much larger male pit bull bolted acTross the street and joined in the attack. Before she knew it Reisner was on the ground in what she thought was a fight for her life.

"When I was down on the ground that's when they had bit me twice here, and then one time on this side, and then one on my arm," said Reisner.

A neighbor scared the dogs away and helped Reisner to her feet. But they left behind serious bite marks to her arm and several on her lower back, likely suffered as she tried to escape the attack.

The wounds on her arm are causing so much pain that she now needs help caring for her 2-year-old and 4-week-old sons.

"I can't physically pick my son up to change his diaper, or to feed him, or anything," says Reisner. "So it's very difficult for me."

Reisner said she wants authorities to put down the female dog. She says the dog's owners have removed the animals from her neighbor's home.