A teacher at Austin High School in southeast Houston is under investigation for inappropriate conduct. HISD confirmed the investigation Thursday.

A district spokesperson released a statement which read, "HISD officials are investing allegations of inappropriate conduct of a teacher at Austin High School. The accused teacher was immediately removed from the classroom and is being reassigned during the investigation. The district takes these situations very seriously and all officials are cooperating fully with authorities. Our goal during this time is to ensure that students feel safe and teaching and learning continue uninterrupted. Parents have been notified. As not to impede the investigation, no additional details are being shared at this time."

Students took home a note from their principal to parents. It had limited details. Students said what they knew of the investigation is limited to school rumors.

Student Alejandro Cabello said, "A teacher sent some naked pictures to a student." 

The district did not confirm details of the investigation.

Until the letter was sent home to parents, students like Lazaro Sanchez said he did not believe it.

Sanchez said, "People didn't believe it until they sent out this letter and then that's when everyone thought oh my God, it's for real. At the same time, everyone's shocked, they're like this teacher would never do such a thing to a student before."