For a structure long ago dubbed "The Eighth Wonder of the World," it didn't take long to cut the legs off the historic Astrodome.

It took 200 pounds of explosives and just four seconds.

Demolition expert Leonard Cherry is the big boss behind the big boom. As owner of Cherry, a Houston-based demolition and recycling company, he landed the contract to do job.

"I have mixed emotions," said Cherry. "As a Houstonian with a Houston based company, I am excited about the work we are about to perform, but also concerned about the future of the dome."

Watch raw footage of ramp demolition.

Over the last few years, the dome has fallen deeper and deeper into disrepair.

On Nov. 5 of this year, voters rejected a $217 million bond issue that would have saved the dome and turned it into an event center.

Sitting in the small crowd of specially, invited guests, Peter Lunn of Houston said, "I came to a baseball game here the first year this thing was open. I came with my uncle. I've got a lot of memories here. I'd like to see them do something else with it."

Now, 10,000 tons of rubble sit where those exterior ramps once stood. That concrete rubble will now be recycled. It will take four weeks to remove all of it.