The future of the Astrodome will be in the hands of voters on Election Day, and those who want to save the Dome aren't taking any chances.

Political and business leaders are joining together to create the New Dome PAC, a political action committee that will try to sway voters to say yes to the New Dome Experience.

Renderings of what the dome could be were revealed on Thursday; a multipurpose facility that would host special events, including festivals, trade shows and sporting matches.

The price tag for the overhaul is estimated to be $217 million if voters say yes to Proposition 2.

"This is not just about saving the Dome. This is about preserving an asset for the future," said Judge Ed Emmett, "In the mean time we need to make sure it pays for itself and an attractive venue that can bring people from all over the world, and I think that's what we're putting before voters on November 5."