As we approach the peak of hurricane season, city and county leaders want everyone to be prepared.

"It’s not a matter of waiting for the weather center or the meteorologist to tell you a storm is coming, you need to be ready now," said Harris County Judge Ed Emmett. "We are prepared as a county, but the public at home as to be prepared as well. Know if you live in near an area that's susceptible to the storm surge, and have a hurricane kit."

Inside a hurricane kit, officials said the “must haves” are:

  • Food
  • Personal items
  • Important items
  • Power

According to the Weather Research Center, the Gulf Coast has a 70 percent chance of having a tropical storm or hurricane hit landfall this year.

"As you're getting your kids ready for school, remember to get ready for the possibility of a storm," said Jill Hasling, president of the Weather Research Center.

The Weather Museum allows for students to see what it feels like to experience the high winds of a strong storm by using the "Hurricane Simulator."

Click here for more information on becoming hurricane ready.