The woman at the center of the search for Michael Brown's missing fortune is now in federal custody in Houston.

U.S. Marshals arrested Irina Bogatcheva, the flamboyant Russian artist from Miami.

According to court documents obtained by Local 2, $77.000 was discovered inside her Miami home on March 14.

Bogatcheva claims the money belongs to her boyfriend, but the cash is being analyzed for fingerprints. Those tests could determine whether Brown ever handled that money.

Bogatcheva, who also goes by Anastasia the Great, failed to show up for a federal hearing in Houston on March 5. She was held in contempt of court, and according to court papers, was arrested on March 6.

The court proceeding was part of Brown's ongoing bankruptcy trial.

Bogatcheva allegedly offered to hide some of Brown's valuable glass sculptures, along with a cloth suitcase with $1 million in it and his collection of 45 watches, said to be worth more than the suitcase of money.

Bogatcheva denied hiding anything when Local 2 tracked her to her Miami home late last year.

Bogatcheva could testify on May 23, but that all depends on the results of the fingerprint analysis.