Police are searching for five robbers who terrorized employees and customers at a McDonald’s in North Houston.

According to the Houston Police Department, the masked men walked into the restaurant at Jensen Road and Tidwell Drive around 8 p.m. Thursday night and ordered everyone to the ground.

“I didn’t even think about pressing the emergency button,” said employee Eduardo Granados. “I just walked to the backroom and I got on the floor and started praying that they wouldn’t come in there and find me.”

After the robbery, the suspects were seen running across the street. Police said a vehicle may have been waiting nearby.

Investigators believe the crime could be related to another robbery at a McDonald's on the Tomball Parkway. 

Just a few weeks ago, three men stormed a McDonald’s on the Tomball Parkway and terrorized employees.

In the last three months of 2013, there have been at least seven robberies at Houston area McDonald's restaurants.

While Local 2 was unable to reach the owner of the Jensen location, the owner of several other McDonald's said employee and customer safety is owners' first and foremost concern. He said owners have implemented additional security measures that include more surveillance cameras, burglar bars, and panic buttons.

So far, police have not made any arrests in these cases.