Hollywood made the panic room the last place you'd want to go in the 2002 drama with Jodie Foster.

But for many in real life, panic rooms - or safe rooms - are their last line of defense in case of an emergency.

Liz Davidson runs Safes R Us on Houston's east side.

"[One] particular room weighs 20,000 pounds," said Davidson. "It's rated for 250 mph."

Gun safes are their specialty, but in recent years they've seen growth in the safe-room business, usually sparked by a major event like severe weather or streaks of border violence.

"If it's a tornado, crazy stuff going on down south, I know I am going to get calls," said Davidson.

One Houston gun shop owner gave us a tour of his safe room.

We're not revealing his name or location to protect his safety.

"In the worst-case scenario if we got robbed, which I hope not, but or maybe during a hurricane we are in a coastal area so hurricanes are a good reason to have a panic room, or a safe room, or shelter," said the gun store owner.

Whatever you call it, the room is serious business and generally reserved for new construction or major renovation projects.

"We come in and set these things in with a crane," said Davidson.

Floor to ceiling you're surrounded by 6 inches of reinforced concrete. Put a Fort Knox door on it and there's no bad guy on Earth getting in.

The gun store owner gave us a tour of his safe room.

"This is an in-swing and it doubles as a storm shelter. That way if debris falls in front of it we're still able to open the door," he said.

As you take shelter from whatever danger is out there you can be comfortable and safe inside.

"You can use your cellphone in here," said Davidson. She added, "It's got electrical outlets, phone cable and a lot of people run central air through there. You can really rig it up."

The custom job will cost you. The room alone can be tens of thousands of dollars depending on size and materials.

Some are beefed up with armored steel in the doors.

"Everybody has told me they're coming here for any hurricanes, said the gun store owner. "I told them just to bring food and water."

Remember, you might get a little claustrophobic in there, but that's probably better than whatever is outside the safe room.