Millions of Americans say they wake up tired and will try just about anything to get through the day.

Not getting enough sleep can cause memory problems, heart issues and leave you feeling sluggish the whole day; but, a new, all-natural product is promising to help you wake up and feel refreshed.

It’s called Wake Up On Time. The all-natural energy pill created by Rise-N-Shine is made from active ingredients including B vitamins, amino acids to boost mood, guarana seed extract which is a natural form of caffeine and Siberian ginseng.

"The magic behind the pills is the special coating over the tablets that will delay the initial release of the ingredients so you can take it at bedtime,” explained Beggan. “It will never prevent you from falling asleep, but it will kick in when you need it most, when it's time to wake up in the morning."

Sleep specialist Dr. Puneet Patni, with the Kelsey-Seybold Sleep Center,  told Local 2 there's not enough research on whether supplements can improve sleep quality or wakefulness.

"There really isn't any great clinical data that's been consistently shown (that) these supplements work in either situation," said Dr. Patni.

The average adult needs between seven to eight hours of sleep.

"I think the most common thing we see is people trying to get a good night's sleep in three hours or four hours," Dr. Patni said.

Beggan recommends trying to get six to eight hours of sleep when taking Wake Up On Time.

"I feel alert, energetic. I'm happy in the morning and I feel very well rested even if I didn't necessarily get enough sleep," she said.

So if you have tried everything under the sun and you still don't feel rested, sleep experts say it could be the sign of a much bigger problem.

"One of the biggest things that affects the population that we've realized is sleep apnea, obstructive sleep apnea, but there are less common problems like narcolepsy, periodic limb movement disorders, abnormal behaviors during your sleep that could affect your sleep quality," Dr. Patni said.

Sleep specialists say some other ideas that could help you get a better night's sleep include regular exercise and improving your diet by reducing sugars and processed foods.

Wake Up On Time is available online and at select health food stores and pharmacies. It costs about $29.99 for a bottle of 40 pills.