The heat has air conditioning units working overtime this week. Repair technicians are also putting in long hours, trying to keep them running.

ARS Rescue Rooter told Local 2 their business quadruples when the temperature rises and units give out. Marshall Leonard was visiting Houston from New York this week when his parents' air conditioner had trouble keeping the house cool.

"It's like Murphy's Law, right? As hot as it is, that's when the A/C goes out," said Leonard.

A crew from ARS Rescue Rooter spent an entire day installing a brand new air conditioning unit at Leonard's parents' home. The company told Local 2 that crew was one of 22 working daily.

"They're loading their trucks by 7am and a lot of the time they don't get home until 2:30 in the morning, sometimes 3:00. Whatever it takes to keep our customers cool," said Brian McMasters with ARS.

McMasters said the combination of heat and humidity is causing air conditioning units to struggle right now. They are designed to take humidity out of the air to cool homes.