An 8-year-old boy cooked his way to a free trip overseas in July to see the 2012 Olympic Games.

McDonald's was looking for inspiring stories from kids ages 8 to 11 years old and their parents about healthy meals.

Delvyn Davis, who's been cooking since he was 6, submitted a video that caught their eye.

"My family and I made a luau. We cooked chicken and shrimp kabobs with salad," said Delvyn.

Delvyn didn't know he was a winner until he was invited to a Houston McDonald's restaurant with other kids to help Ronald McDonald read a book.

After they read the book, Delvyn got the surprise of his life.

"I was very shocked. My mom, she was very happy," Delvyn said.

That's because mom gets to go to London, too. Delvyn and his mom are looking forward to representing Houston at the summer Olympics and McDonald's is proud to have such a dynamic winner.

"He doesn't have a shy bone in his body. He performed for us, he showed us he can rap along with his friend. I think he was doing an audition for us. We're so excited about Delvyn winning for our region," said Mary Redmon, owner of a southwest Houston McDonalds.

Delvyn said all of his friends are excited for him.