Woman says she was tricked by fake job ad

Conroe woman says certificate never sent to her

Published On: Feb 05 2013 10:14:55 PM CST   Updated On: Feb 05 2013 11:03:22 PM CST

A Conroe woman says a thief stole from her as she tried to get a second job to pay for school.

The woman said she wanted to get a second job as a commercial truck driver After going online and applying for several jobs, she was told she needed her commercial driver's certificate. 

One company told her where she could take the test.  

"I applied for a few different positions to be a driver," the woman told Local 2. "I got a few callbacks from a few different positions. They all told me I needed my commercial driver's license. One of them told me where I could purchase one and I could take the test."

The woman said she took the test, then sent about $900 to someone in North Carolina. However, she said her certificate never showed up. 

"Craigslist has a warning against that and people post whatever they want to post," she said. "You have to be really careful what you do and what information you give out."

The woman reported the crime to Conroe police.  Officers said wire fraud is a crime on the rise, and it is hard to track down the thief when the money is sent across state lines.