(C) Personalized plates not approved. A personalized license plate number will not be approved by the executive director if the alpha-numeric pattern:

(i) conflicts with the department's current or proposed regular license plate numbering system;

(ii) would violate §217.22(c)(4) of this subchapter as determined by the executive director; or

(iii) is currently issued to another owner.

Texas Administrative Code 217.22   

(B) The executive director finds that the alpha-numeric pattern may be considered objectionable or misleading, including that the pattern may be viewed as, directly or indirectly:

(i) indecent (defined as including a reference to a sex act, an excretory function or material, or sexual body parts);

(ii) a vulgarity (defined as curse words);

(iii) derogatory (defined as an expression of hate directed toward people or groups that is demeaning to people or groups, or associated with an organization that advocates such expressions);

(iv) a reference to illegal activities or substances, or implied threats of harm; or

(v) a misrepresentation of law enforcement or other governmental entities and their titles.

(C) The alpha-numeric pattern is currently issued to another owner.

Texas Transportation Codes:

504.002 General Provisions

504.005 Design and Alphanumeric Characters

504.0051 Personalized License Plates

504.101 Personalized License Plates

504.102 Personalization of Specialty License Plate