TOMBALL, Texas -

The wife of a veteran Tomball Police officer said she knew exactly what to do when she was pulled over by a fake officer.

Carrie Smith's son was driving Sunday night, when mother and son noticed flashing emergency lights in their rear-view mirror.

"I thought it was a Tomball PD Tahoe," Smith said. In fact, police said the vehicle was a Ford F-150 with portable emergency lights anyone can purchase on the Internet.

Smith called her husband, a detective, who instructed her to follow the truck at a safe distance after it zoomed off without the driver getting out to make contact.

"I called in the license plate number and they went to the house, and he was there," Smith said. "My son was scared. We didn't know. He is a new driver."

Tomball Police officers later arrested Clayton Davis Kelly, 17.

Kelly is charged with impersonating a police officer, a third degree felony.

Police also recovered the light kits they said Kelly had attached to his parents pickup truck.

Kelly is no stranger to the Tomball Police Department.  He was an "Explorer," akin to an intern, until he was dismissed in August 2011 for lying to a superior after an altercation, according to a police source.

Kelly is free on $5,000 bond and will be back in court in a few weeks.