Defense lawyers for a woman accused of shooting and killing a mother and then taking her newborn baby may use text messages to prove she was insane at the time.

Verna McClain remains jailed at the Montgomery County Jail.

On Sunday, Kevin Carter, McClain's fiancé, visited her for the first time, accompanied by local activist Quanell X.

They said shortly before Kala Schuchardt was shot to death, McClain showed she was mentally unstable by sending text messages in which she said she was going to snap.

"Ms. McClain was saying she was going to snap in these text messages. Had the right steps been taken, I believe a life would've been saved and another life would not have been destroyed," said Quanell X on behalf of Carter.

The 30-year-old Houston woman was charged with capital murder. Police said McClain admitted carrying out the attack and abducting 3-day-old Keegan Golden, who was found unharmed hours later with McClain's sister.

"It was a very sad meeting. She cried a lot. She was really remorseful," Quanell X said. "She's seen no family, none of her children. None of her friends or family had come to visit her as of yet. This was the first time she had a chance to speak to anybody."

"I don't understand that -- her taking a child," said her estranged husband, Theo McClain of San Diego, to The Associated Press. The couple had two children together and raised a third from a previous relationship of his.

"That doesn't make sense. We have three kids. And then to shoot somebody? I've never known her to hurt anybody," Theo McClain said.

Investigators said McClain's statements included information only the shooter would know and indicated she attacked the mother as part of a wider plan to kidnap any child and that Golden was simply a convenient target.

Deputies found the boy with Corina Jackson, McClain's sister.

Jackson told Montgomery County investigators that McClain told her she would need to "do the adoption," according to police records.