A tree stopped an SUV from slamming into a northeast Houston house Monday.

The crash happened around 2 a.m. on Parker at McGallion.

Homeowner Alex Saldana said he feared the worst when he heard a loud crash outside his home.

"It's a bad way to wake up thinking a car ran right into your daughters' room and it's been a problem, recorded accidents all around this area," Saldana said.

The SUV crashed into a tree near his two young daughters' room.

Houston police said the driver lost control and went off the road into Saldana's yard. He was trapped inside his vehicle after the crash because of all the tree limbs.

Saldana came out of his house, grabbed a garden hose and doused a small fire that had ignited.

The homeowner said drivers keep running off the road in the area.

"Something has to be done about slowing traffic down on Parker because the next thing is going to be my house," he said. "It's uncomfortable to be at home and not sleep right because you're afraid someone is going to run into your house."

The driver's name and condition have not been released.

PHOTOS: SUV slams into tree

Published On: Jul 16 2012 07:10:44 AM CDT

A tree in front of a home stops an SUV from crashing into two girls' bedrooms in northeast Houston.

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