Product and service reviews are everywhere online whether you are shopping for hair color or Turtle Wax, looking for a five-star restaurant or an opinion about the dollar menu at the drive-through. While the all of these opinions and stories can be helpful, it turns out not all of them are true.

A research study found most people cannot tell the difference, but one university came up with a computer program that can find the fake one 90 percent of the time.

Tonight on KPRC Local 2 after the 2012 Olympics, consumer investigator Amy Davis has some helpful hints to spotting the fakes online.

Take our test to see if you can spot which of these reviews are real and which are fake.

Reviews: real or fake?

Reviews: real or fake?

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Crossover Strap Means Safety! "I purchased the eBags Piazza Day Bag for several reasons, the main one being safety on the mean streets of Houston. The daily news is riddled with stories of women portrayed as victims of purse theft in parking lots, malls, and grocery stores. I decided that I need a purse that I can carry hands-free and safely, and this bag because of the adjustable strap fills the bill. The purse has all sorts of compartments and zippered slots. One nice feature is the felt, divided pocket for sunglasses and cell phone. There is a side pocket for water bottle or umbrella. There is a hidden flap for passport, airline ticket, or other essential ID. This bag comes in many colors as well. Because it is lightweight, I have no trouble stuffing it and carrying it!" *This question is required.
A view to die for!

"I could not believe how beautiful this whole place was. It is located in the heart of Brooklyn next to the trend setting Park Slope area. The rooms looked just like they did on the website. The room was fresh smelling with crisp clean linens. There was private parking, a major plus in this part of the city. The front desk personel were friendly and helpful. The service felt very personal. They leave breakfast at the door which was only a bagel and cheese but it let us have breakfast in bed which was a nice touch.The small hotel is exactly what they mena when they say boutique. The beds were soft and comfortable, haven't slept that good in a long time. Even with the floor to ceiling windows, the traffic noise was minimal. The hot water was hot and the shower was relaxing. It is a short walk to many restaurants in the area and easy to find. The price was great too - for a hotel in this area you couldn't beat it. Next time I am in town I will stay here." *This question is required.

I have been using Feria #74 for more than 10 years. That right there should tell you I LOVE it!

Feria #74 is not for someone who does not want to be noticed. It is quite bright immediately after dying it, and it stays that way for several days. I find it tends to "bleed" on a towel for a few days, too (I've invested in some dark colored ones just for these days.) The color will fade into a more natural shade within a few days. But there's no reason you can't go out right after dying your hair ... although I would recommend wearing a light brown or bright red shirt (those two are the best I've found to tone it down.) I get tons and tons and tons of compliments on this color. Most people don't even realize it's not natural, and when I tell them that it's a home color, they're always stunned. If you want a just a touch of red or to be strawberry blonde, this color is NOT for you. This color is to be red, red, red! Some celebrities with roughly this shade ... Debra Messing, Marcia Cross, Lindsay Lohan (in her younger days) and Christina Hendricks. I have extremely pale skin and the red really pops!
It's easy to apply, but the conditioner it comes with is complete junk. I toss it in the trash and have a 6-ounce bottle of the OLD Feria conditioner. That can be purchased at Sally Beauty Supply.

I completely recommend this product ... just be ready to be noticed and stopped wherever you go! *This question is required.

I could not get over how amazing the drinks were from the bar. A group of friends met there to celebrate a birthday and everyone loved it - which is not easy to find a place we all like. It is superbly decorated - the room had a nice feel, expensive but comfortable. We all shared appetizers that were great. and mouthwatering with the fish special of the night spotlighting the fantastic skills of chef Roban. Our waiter was amazing and the food arrived in no time with no problems. Every bite was perfect and every plate that arrived looked amazing. The desserts were just the right touch to end the night on a great note. We all said we would definitely be back. *This question is required.

"There is absolutely nothing wrong with this bag. The eBag Pizzaza Day Bag is the perfect size, lightweight, versatile and stylish. A zippered opening on the main compartment allows for easy access into the main compartment. Inside two pockets with elastic tops are perfect for holding camera, glasses or other bulky items. A zippered wall pocket adds organization and security. It is the LIGHTEST! EASIEST! Most COMFROTABLE bag!!!" *This question is required.
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