Guns were found at a few Houston-area schools during the past academic year, but school district officials hope to get that number down to zero.

Many parents held their children a little closer in April when a gun went off at Ross Elementary. A 6-year-old took a gun to the campus, and three children were wounded.

One month later, a first-grader took a gun to Ellisor Elementary in Montgomery County.

School district officials said parents need to talk to their children about guns.

"It's very difficult for children at the age of 5 and 6 to understand that reality TV is not reality," said Laura Klubert with the Alief Independent School District. "Every week someone is getting shot. Sometimes in those cartoons, the same person who go shot and killed the week prior is up and walking around."

Shanda Sanders said she has already talked to her 4-year-old about the dangers of guns.

"She understands very well," she said.

School district officials said students should know that guns can kill. They also want students to know that if they see a gun at school, they should report it to an adult immediately, even if they think it may only be a toy.

The Houston Independent School District said it understands that surveillance works well on its campuses. There are 11,400 cameras posted throughout HISD schools.

HISD officials said they do not have any plans to add metal detectors or police officers at elementary schools.