A man was arrested after he hit and killed a woman in southeast Houston, investigators said.

Houston police said the woman was standing in the median at the corner of Scott Street and Goodhope Street around 1:00 a.m. Monday. She was preparing to cross to a Valero store on the corner, investigators said.

Police said Timothy Norman Perry-Price Sr., 29, veered off the road, went up on the curve and hit the woman. Her body was dragged several hundred feet, detectives said.Timothy Norman Perry-Price

Police said the woman's body was severed, and she died at the scene. Relatives identified her as 52-year-old Jeanette Johnson. Jeannette Johnson

"I'm going to truly miss her," said Nikita Callaway, Johnson's niece. "It's going to hurt, but I know she's with the lord."

Witnesses said Perry-Price tried to flee the scene, but he was quickly apprehended.

Perry-Price was given a field sobriety test. In video of that test, he seemed to have trouble walking in a straight line.

Police said they also found open containers of alcohol in the driver's car.

Perry-Price was arrested and charged with intoxication manslaughter.

Johnson left behind a son and three grandchildren.