Deputies said they have arrested the man who killed a young Iraq war veteran.

Investigators said Keith Dillingham, 28, murdered Alex Segura, III in northwest Harris County on Aug. 6.

Dillingham was arrested Thursday thanks to tips from the public.

Segura, 28, was sitting in a parked car with a friend outside of an apartment complex when Dillingham and another man walked up to the car with a gun, deputies said.

"He saved my life. They actually weren't just trying to rob us. They were trying to steal me. They actually tried take the car with me in it. He stood up for me. He told them no, you can take my car. But you can't take her in it," said Segura's friend the day after he was killed.

"I want them brought to justice. Taken away a wonderful man -- a wonderful son, a wonderful father, a wonderful brother," said Alex Segura, Jr., the victim's father.

Investigators have not released details about a second suspect.