Students at a local high school made a lip-synced video aimed to combat bullying.

Triple Oswald got the idea to make a lip-dub video to help stop bullying in September 2011.

He asked fellow student, Kaitlyn K., who has recorded two albums to help.

"She said she had an anti-bullying song," Triple said.

Kaitlyn said writing a song about bullying was easy for her.

"Ever since elementary school, I've always been bullied, so it was a big thing that was really close to home for me," Oswald said.

The video shows hundreds of students playing their roles, all part of good choreography.

"That was probably the craziest of the organizational part, just getting all the groups -- what are they going to do, what are they going to be," Triple said. "We assigned each group a number and said, 'Look at the map, find your number and on Wednesday, when we shoot the lip-dub, that's where you're going to be standing."

The group made the video in one take.