Texas gas prices continue to rise, but prices are lower than the same time last year.

According to AAA, the current statewide average for a gallon of regular unleaded gas is $3.36. That is 25 cents less than this same time last year.

Currently, drivers in Dallas are paying the most in the state at $3.40 a gallon. Drivers in El Paso are paying the least at $3.17 a gallon. In Houston, the average price is $3.36 a gallon.

Nationwide, drivers are paying an average of $3.49 for a gallon of regular unleaded. That is 13 cents more than the average in Texas. The most expensive gasoline in the continental U.S. is in Connecticut, and the cheapest in the country continues to be in South Carolina.

Retail gasoline prices have gone up as global crude oil prices increased over the last month.

"We encourage people to continue to think about ways to conserve gasoline as we move further into the summer," said AAA Texas/New Mexico Representative Doug Shupe. "By driving the speed limit and not aggressively, keeping tires properly inflated and wheels aligned, and following vehicle manufacturer maintenance recommendations, drivers can save money even during times of rising fuel prices."

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