ALVIN, Texas -

An 8-month-old baby girl is lucky to be alive after her parents said a bullet was fired through the baby's bedroom window, where she was sleeping Sunday morning.

Catherine and James Reynard are furious.

"Five feet over, it would've been my daughter dead," says Ella's mother. "And then it would've been the worst case scenario and they'd want to find out who did this."

The family is also upset by the response by the Brazoria County Sheriff's Office. They said only one deputy went to the house initially. Another deputy went to the house later.

"Not to take a picture, not to take a report, not even to take that bullet," said Catherine. "I mean, that really makes me feel they didn't care."

Local 2 called the investigating officer but has not heard back.

The family believes the bullet was fired from a pasture that sits across the street from their home. Living in a rural area, they said they have no problem with guns. They just want people to be more responsible.

James Reynard, an Iraq war veteran, wants his family in safe surroundings.

"That's what I tried to explain to the sergeant. If I wanted to dodge bullets, I would've stayed in Iraq," said James.