Safety Commission has new play yard rules

Danny’s Law becomes effective on Thursday

Published On: Feb 27 2013 04:20:33 PM CST   Updated On: Feb 27 2013 05:49:34 PM CST

New safety rules will be enforced starting Thursday for play yards, which many parents use to hold their small children.

Play yards used to be called play pens.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission said Danny's Law was written in response to the death of Danny Keysar, a 16-month-old boy who suffocated in 1998 when the play yard he was napping in collapsed.

Last summer, the CPSC approved the mandatory play yard standards to prevent more tragedies caused by side rails.

According to the CPSC, play yards that meet the new safety standards must have:

In addition to the play yard safety standard, the CPSC has issued mandatory safety standards for cribs, children’s bed rails, baby bath seats, baby walkers, infant swings and toddler beds.

CPSC staff is currently working on safety standards for bedside sleepers, hand-held infant carriers, bassinets, and bassinet attachments to play yards and will propose rules this year for strollers, soft infant carriers and infant slings.

If you use a play yard, keep it bare when you put your baby in it. Each year, the CPSC receives reports of infant suffocation deaths. Some key causes of these deaths are the placement of pillows and thick quilts in a baby's sleeping space and/or overcrowding in the space.

For more information, visit the Consumer Product Safety Commission's web site.