City of Houston health inspectors found dangerous mistakes that could cause food poisoning in restaurants across the city.

Food that is off-temperature is the No. 1 cause of food poisoning. Federal safety standards require cold food to be held at 41 degrees or colder. Cooked food should be at least 140 degrees. Any temperature in between falls into a danger zone because it allows bacteria to grow at an exponential rate.

At The Veranda at 2820 Chestnut Ridge in Humble, inspectors found creme brulee, garlic spread, cheese and other desserts stored at 55 degrees for more than two days, inspectors said.

Health inspectors said turkey, salami, ham and milk were among 135 pounds of food found at 60 degrees at the Jack in the Box at 8767 South Main.

Inspectors said the most hazardous discovery was at Lecaroz Bakery on South Post Oak near the Beltway. Inspectors wrote that they found 175 pounds of raw pork sitting in the kitchen sink for more than 4 hours at 71 degrees.

"You understand that that's way too warm to cook and then feed to somebody?" consumer investigator Amy Davis asked the manager on duty at Lecaroz.

"Oh yeah," Juan Andrade answered. "But they were not going to do it."

Andrade told Davis the chef planned to cut up the pork and refrigerate it, but he forgot about the meat. Andrade said Lecaroz would have never served it to customers.

It's a good idea to cool off with a cold drink if you're outside in the heat. But at a concession stand in the Houston Zoo, inspectors said they found a dead roach in a bin of ice used for visitor's drinks.

Inspectors said they found pink slime was on the ice chute at the Whatburger on 290 near Hollister.

Inspectors said there was dark residue in the ice machine at Brio in City Centre. Inspectors said they also found slime residue on the soda gun holders in the bar.

Our A's this week go to Lupe Tortilla at 318 Stafford and the Houston Barbecue Company at 1127 Eldridge Parkway.